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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main objective of the Number Sense app?

The Number Sense app was designed to help students master numbers and numerical operations, which can help them achieve fluency with numbers required for lifelong success in mathematics. Students will gain essential critical thinking and cognitive skills. Number Sense is interactive, fun, and gives immediate feedback, which differs greatly from the worksheets Number Sense can replace.

What makes Number Sense different from other math apps?

Number Sense includes a dynamic, visual number board with layers of gamification to create varying levels of complexity to challenge students. Many other apps can be compared to paper worksheets with simple problems that do not support visualization or other essential math skills.
Number Sense is different from other apps because it has varying levels of complexity, in an engaging format, that meets the needs of: visual learners, auditory learners, and tactile learners. Number Sense is also adaptive, personalized, and multi-modal. Many other applications do not adapt to a student’s level of proficiency or allow teachers to adjust student settings.

How does Number Sense support educators in the classroom?

Unlike other apps, Number Sense allows educators to monitor student levels of achievement and set personalized learning settings to each student’s account. For example, if an elementary teacher only wants students to practice Roman Numerals 1-10 after the first lesson on Roman Numerals, they can adjust a student’s setting to ensure they are focusing on the targeted curriculum.

Is Number Sense meant to be a game?

Number Sense is more than a game. Number Sense is an interactive, effective, and fun way for students to learn. Number Sense can improve learning without the use of worksheets that do not offer students immediate feedback or a fun, personalized learning experience.

Who uses Number Sense?

Number Sense is an amazing tool for elementary students; however, learners of all ages enjoy using Number Sense to sharpen critical thinking and cognitive skills. Elementary school students who are struggling with basic math skills are using Number Sense, as are students in Gifted and Talented programs who need additional math challenges. Since Number Sense is one of the most important mathematical concepts for every student, students across all skill levels can benefit from play with it regularly, both in their classrooms, as well as at home.

Teachers of all levels use Number Sense and appreciate the ease of viewing achievement reports. Data reports help teachers make evidence-based instructional decisions and understand the achievement levels of all students.

Which concepts will students learn by using Number Sense?

Students will increase their ability to understand the following mathematical skills and concepts.

Visualize Numbers (no more counting on fingers or tally marks)

Increase quick recall of simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division (as needed on assessments and in the real world)

Develop various strategies for computing numbers mentally

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