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Knomadix Announces Partnership with Local School District to Introduce Innovative Number Sense Solution

Knomadix announced a new partnership with a local school district last week, with support from GM Arlington Assembly employees, to implement a cutting-edge digital solution to help students master numerical concepts and operations.

“We’re excited to provide students with interactive math practice to enhance students’ understanding of math concepts and critical thinking skills,” says Ramesh Balan, CEO, chief architect, and founder of Knomadix. Number Sense will help students increase their confidence in working with numbers.

The new partnership will make it possible for students to use Number Sense in the classroom and at home. Students will benefit from personalized and immediate feedback through Digit, the app’s mood- changing character. Number Sense will also track and report the progress of students to teachers and parents.

Knomadix is delighted to have this new partnership to help student gain the skill of number sense. A student’s number sense skills refer to a student’s ability to: perform mental math, understand numbers, understand the relationship between numbers, and apply number skills to solve real-world problems. According to Keith Devlin, a mathematician at Stanford University, number sense skills areimportant because it encourages students to develop creativity and confidence with numbers. Devlin states that the number sense concept is the most important mathematical concept in 21st Century K-12 education. Math is the central element that prepares students for success in STEM and careers.

At the launch of the program, students interacted with professionals from GM and Knomadix while also given the chance to win prizes and take a picture with Digit.

“The employees at GM Arlington Assembly are very excited to support the Arlington ISD in their partnership with Knomadix,” said Anbu Subramaniyan, the chair of GM Arlington’s Women in Manufacturing group. “The auto industry is going through rapid advancements, and we’re investing in the communities where we hope we’ll find our future employees, especially those who will be going into STEM fields. It’s crucial that we create enthusiasm in math and science at earlier ages.”

To learn more about the Number Sense App or learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact Dr. Jill Hollander at or visit:

Knomadix builds interactive mobile solutions that transform how educators teach and how students learn. With its fresh approach to creating and delivering customized digital content, Knomadix is leading the emerging mobile education market with digital tools for teachers, curriculum specialists, content developers and school administrators. Knomadix goes beyond current mobile learning solutions by providing educators the tools to drive continuous improvement through dynamic, individualized and interactive digital lessons. For more information, visit: Number Sense is a classroom solution that helps students gain mastery in math. Students interact with a dynamic number board to achieve fluency and mastery over numbers and numerical operations. Number Sense gives students the ability to practice essential critical thinking and cognitive skills, which prepare students for life-long success. Number Sense is interactive, fun, and gives students immediate feedback. For more information, visit: