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I’d like to invite you to my classroom to take a behind-the-scenes look at how the fun, engaging NumberSense app has impacted my classroom.

First, I want you to know I am a fifth-grade teacher. When students come to my class, there is enthusiasm to learn math. I encourage students to learn, to be challenged, and to make the best of each lesson. I want learners in my classroom to be confident and able to complete math assignments with ease. So how do we get students there? How do we increase their confidence?

A lot of self-confidence is lost in students when they struggle to do mental math or understand the relationship between numbers. Some students opt to count on their fingers and other use tally marks. It truly is disheartening to see a young child look defeated or give up when they are unable to compute as quickly as some of their peers. In fifth grade, students should be at a point where they have truly mastered the essentials of numbers- knowing the relationship between numbers and understanding how mental math can be done by understanding this relationship. The truth of the matter is, many students need to be provided with more opportunities to apply their “number sense” and engage in mental math.

To ensure my students were practicing mental math, truly stretching their knowledge and working to grow, I’ve recently began using NumberSense by Knomadix. NumberSense is gamified math practice that students really enjoy.

I have set up NumberSense in my technology station. The students have the NumberSense app website booked marked on their Chromebook so logging in is very easy. They immediately know that I expect 15 minutes of NumberSense when they are at that station. The students will set their timers and get right to work. Often, when I am teaching small group, I will hear them shout in excitement when they reached a new level, or they will come and show me their new accomplishment. I love seeing the sense of pride on their face. Many of my students will be so engrossed with the game that they will go over their 15 minutes. I truly know that when my students are at that station, they are practicing a very important life skill. Plus, from a teacher standpoint, it is a no-prep student managed station.

I have asked my students what they liked best about NumberSense. They love that they can pick what they want to work on that day and that they can compete with their friends. One of my students said that he feels less stressed when he is doing NumberSense compared to just memorizing facts using flash cards. This is the first app that I haven’t heard groans when I announce that they need to go on it.

I encourage you to look into using NumberSense to increase student confidence and engagement. NumberSense helps bring students the tools they need to advance their knowledge of numbers and math. If you notice your students are in need of “number sense” and lack confidence in math, this could be your solution too!