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NumberSense Benefits

Promotes Fluency With Numbers

The Number Sense app was designed to help students master numbers and numerical operations, which can help them achieve fluency with numbers required for lifelong success in mathematics. Students will gain essential critical thinking and cognitive skills. Number Sense is interactive, fun, and gives immediate feedback, which differs greatly from the worksheets Number Sense can replace.

Adapts to Multiple Learning Styles

Number Sense is different from other apps because it has varying levels of complexity, in an engaging format, that meets the needs of visual learners, auditory learners, and tactile learners. Number Sense is also adaptive, personalized, and multi-modal. Many other applications do not adapt to a student’s level of proficiency or allow teachers to adjust student settings.

Dynamically Visualizes Math Concepts

Number Sense includes a dynamic, visual number board with layers of gamification to create varying levels of complexity to challenge students. Many other apps can be compared to paper worksheets with simple problems that do not support visualization or other essential math skills.

Makes Math Fun and Engaging

Number Sense is engaging because it allows students to learn at their own pace and take ownership of their own learning. There are countless levels and categories of skills that can be practiced on Number Sense. Number Sense is individualized to engage students and meet their individualized preferences. If students want to be challenged, they can increase the length of a game or practice round. If students need more confidence before moving on to more difficult concepts, students can choose to work with fewer options or tiles within the applications.

How NumberSense Creates Magic

Gamify Math Learning

Settings allow teachers to personalize students’ math practice in beginner, advanced, and master sensei levels. Games can be played in forward, backward, horizontal, vertical, zig-zag, and spiral formats. Visual, auditory, and tactile learners of all ages will enjoy the endless learning possibilities.

Provide Immediate Feedback

Number Sense games are fun and interactive with feedback from student-friendly character, Digit. Students receive feedback on speed and accuracy, while earning badges. Student ownership of learning increases as students reach milestones and internalize accomplishments.

Leverage Automation & Analytics

Number Sense empowers educators to make data-based instructional decisions that ensure students continuously improve and grow. Educators and parents can use reports to ensure students are challenged and progressing, Students improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Achieve Continuous Improvement

Number Sense empowers educators to make data-based instructional decisions that ensure students are learning and growing in math concepts not yet mastered. Educators and parents can use Number Sense as a tool to increase students’ critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

Why is NumberSense Important?