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Arlington ISD

We’re delighted to have this new partnership. We want to engage students in mathematics and want students to develop number sense, since it is such an important concept to master in elementary school.

Anna Anderson, Principal – Roark Elementary School

Arlington ISD

NumberSense is a cutting-edge application that allows students of all levels to increase achievement and gain the confidence needed to be life-long learners of mathematics. My students always look forward to playing NumberSense!

Katie O’Connor, Teacher – Roark Elementary School

NumberSense for Educators

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“Number Sense: the most important mathematical concept in 21st Century K-12 education”
– Keith Devlin, Stanford University


You can help to promote math literacy and fluency in your community by introducing NumberSense to your class, school and district.


Your efforts will instill critical skills, improve student achievement and prepare your students to contribute to the 21st Century economy.

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How do Teachers Benefit from using Number Sense?
Number Sense makes it easy for teachers to assign students math practice and see BIG results without tedious grading! The easy to read reports allow teachers to make data-based, instructional decisions. Number Sense not only eliminates grading, but it also allows teachers to help students choose the right level of difficulty for each student. Every student can be challenged at an appropriate level appropriate based on his or her learning needs. This is beneficial for teachers because it increases student engagement, as well as student confidence in math. And, of course, student use of technology is a 21st century skill that all students must master. The benefits of integrating Number Sense into the classroom are endless!
What exactly is the Number Sense Concept as applied to Students?

In student terms, number sense can be described as a child’s ability to use and understand numbers.

Having number sense, means students know:

  • Relative values of numbers
  • How to use numbers to make decisions
  • How to use numbers in various ways when adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing
  • How to develop useful strategies when counting, measuring or estimating.
How can teachers use NumberSense?

Teachers can consider using NumberSense in many ways:

  • Using Number Sense during a whole-class independent practice session to show students how to become better at the lesson’s learning objective. Â  At first, teachers should stress accuracy of responses over timeliness of responses.
  • Creating a Number Sense station in a series of different math station activities OR teachers can create multiple Number Sense stations, with each station focusing on a different concept within the app. Â  For example, create the following Number Sense Stations: Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication.
  • Projecting Number Sense on a white screen or Smart Board. Formatively assess how well the class answers questions as a whole. Â  Teachers can ask students to respond with answers verbally in an informal manner.
  • Setting up practice sessions for small groups of students who may be working above or below grade level standards. Teachers can use the Number Sense app to challenge students on concepts that are not being taught during whole-class instruction or to review foundational math skills. Note: This is great for students who are in Gifted and Talented programs or students who have IEPs and require additional practice.
  • Using it as a bell-ringer or warm up. Teachers can ask students to play Number Sense game sessions of their choice to practice skills of choice. Giving students multiple learning options is a plus!
  • Using Number Sense as a “ticket out.” Teachers can ask students to display individual scores before students leave the classroom or transition to a new content area.

Once students are familiar with the app, teachers can students to practice skills using various layouts of the number board. Â  For example, ask students to practice using the zig-zag layout, followed by the spiral layout.

I want to become a NumberSensei and bring NumberSense to my school!

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