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NumberSense for Parents


“Number Sense: the most important mathematical concept in 21st Century K-12 education”
– Keith Devlin, Stanford University


You can help to improve math literacy and fluency in your community by promoting the deployment of NumberSense in your child’s school.


Your efforts will provide teachers with a unique tool to teach and instill foundational math skills and prepare kids to contribute to the 21st Century economy.

NumberSense Is a Parent and Teacher’s Dream Come True


The Number Sense App provides students with an interactive experience while learning the following essential math concepts:

  • Numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Mixed operations
  • Simple equations
  • Roman numerals. It is an innovative tool to help children 3-13 master math concepts.

Number Sense provides children with a personalized game that helps students obtain and reinforce foundational math skills, as well as develop critical thinking skills. It is a great game for children in gifted classes who need extra challenges. It is also great for students who struggle with math concepts and need additional practice.

Andrew H., Parent

“My 5 and 7 year old love to play Number Sense! We’ve seen a vast improvement in my son’s ability to do math mentally. He no longer counts on his fingers. Â  My daughter’s confidence in math has increased due to Number Sense because she can choose games at a level is she comfortable using. It challenges her without frustrating her. Â  Number Sense is great!”

Children at all levels of achievement stay engaged in Number Sense because it is an interactive app. Children can also compete with friends through the app. It provides immediate feedback on a child’s speed and accuracy of responses. The expressive Number Sense character, Digit, gives students feedback on their performance and adds an extra element of fun.

Once children play Number Sense, they can’t wait to play it again! Â  Learning math has never been so fun! Talk to your child about using Number Sense today.

If your child uses Number Sense, please share your experience with our team at

OK. I want to promote NumberSense in my child’s school!

Great! Simply fill out the Promotor’s form below and we will follow-up within one business day to schedule a discussion and provide resources to help you promote NumberSense with your child’s school and Parent-Teachers Organization.

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