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General Motors - Arlington

The auto industry is going through rapid advancements, and we’re investing in the communities where we hope we’ll find our future employees, especially those going into STEM fields. It’s crucial that we create enthusiasm in math and science at earlier ages.

Anbu Subramaniyan, General Motors Assembly of Arlington


NumberSense builds math skills that are essential for preparing kids for jobs their parents don’t understand.

Chris Kambala, Aezion, Inc.

NumberSense for Sponsors


“Number Sense: the most important mathematical concept in 21st Century K-12 education”
– Keith Devlin, Stanford University


You can help to promote math literacy and fluency in your community by sponsoring the deployment of NumberSense in a local school.


Your sponsorship will foster foundational STEM skills and prepare kids in your community to contribute to the 21st Century economy.

Join The Cause – Plant Your STEM Seeds Today

Why sponsor NumberSense?

NumberSense provides students with knowledge of numbers and number relationships, which is the most important 21st century math skill in K-12 education. NumberSense prepares students to think critically and apply math concepts necessary for success in STEM careers. Schools may not be able to purchase NumberSense to increase math achievement, but businesses can certainly sponsor a school to make a positive change and provide students with a fun, engaging way to increase their “number sense.” NumberSense will prepare students for advanced math concepts and real-world problem solving. If your corporation values: the community, STEM education, math education, children, and the future workforce, this sponsorship opportunity is for you!

What is the process for sponsoring a school or district?
Call and talk to a Number Sense team member. We are able to let you know which schools are anticipating a sponsor and we can also reach out to other schools you wish to sponsor. A Number Sense team member will gladly assist you through the short, easy process to sponsor a school. We will compose a plan for your corporation. The plan will include a school Number Sense launch date, a scheduled press release, and more!
Who does your impact reach?
Your impact will reach every student and staff member at the school you sponsor, as well as parents and members of the community. Children will be impacted the most by your sponsorship and will develop essential, foundational math skills that will help students for a life time! Children are worth the investment!
What does a sponsorship provide?
There are three types of sponsorships: platinum, gold, and silver. All provide your corporation with recognition for sponsoring a school in the community and a commitment to the community. All sponsorships provide a school or district with the valuable Number Sense solution. Students, teachers, and administrators will all receive usage licenses and the costs of implementation.


Number Sense Sponsorship Levels:

  • Platinum Sponsor: Â Sponsor Number Sense implementation and license fees will be provided to an entire school district for a year!
  • Gold Sponsor: Sponsor Number Sense implementation and license fees will be provided to a school for a year!
  • Silver Sponsor: Co-sponsor Number Sense implementation and license fees provided to one school in partnership with another sponsor, for one school year.
Benefits Platinum Gold Silver
Number Sense implementation and license fees will be provided to a school district’s teachers, admin, and students. X
Number Sense implementation and license fees will be provided to a school’s teachers, admin, and students. X X
Sponsors will be invited and introduced at the launch of Number Sense to speak to students, staff, and other attendees. X X
Prominent name and logo placement on all printed & electronic materials related to the launch
(event invitations, opening presentations, student materials, & letters home to parents)
Prominent Sponsor name recognition in all press releases related to events X X X
Logo placement and sponsor recognition on Number Sense social media posts X X X
Number Sense “Hall of Fame” member to be featured on the Number Sense website X X
Sponsor logo on business-card sized sticker will be provided for each student in the launch X

OK. I want to sponsor a school in my community!

Great! Simply fill out the Sponsors form below and we will follow-up within one business day to schedule a discussion.

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