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NumberSense is More Than an App

It is the right tool for a right cause

“Number Sense: the most important mathematical concept in 21st Century K-12 education”

The fact is, students who lack a strong number sense have trouble developing the foundation needed for even simple arithmetic, let alone more complex mathematics. In one study of 180 seventh-graders conducted by the University of Missouri in 2013, researchers found that, “those who lagged behind their peers in a test of core math skills needed to function as adults were the same kids who had the least number sense or fluency way back when they started first grade.” (Neergaard, 2013) Now connect the dots to the sobering fact that 1 in 5 U.S. adults lacks the math competency of a middle school student–leaving them woefully unqualified for most jobs.

Stanford mathematician Keith Devlin. Source: Â Huffington Post article

The NumberSense App is Purpose Built

For Students

Provides fun, engaging, interactive mathematics lessons in the classroom and at home. Immediate feedback fosters solid comprehension and academic growth.

For Parents

Helps parents foster and nurture children’s foundational math skills through a fun, engaging game.

For Educators

Allows teachers and administrators to inform instruction. This comprehensive, adaptive math solution helps staf monitor student achievement and growth.

For STEM Sponsors

A perfect resource to help companies introduce innovative math solutions at sponsored schools. Businesses can help students obtain math skills necessary for success in the real-world and careers in STEM.

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